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The first circular economy seal for startups

created by TheCircularLab

A seal that is awarded to startups with the best potential to help transition towards a full circular economy

What benefits does your startup get with goCircular Pass?

Deserved recognition of your potential and capabilities

Increased visibility in the circular economy sector

Special participation in events with key players in the sector

What your startup needs to obtain the seal

Be already incorporated and be less than 10 years old

Have highly advanced technological innovation or business model

Offer a portfolio of solutions or products that can contribute to the circular economy

Provide supporting documentation demonstrating your startup's capacity

How the process works

1. Initial application of the startup


If your startup meets the requirements specified in the "Conditions for receiving the goCircular Pass seal", you can start the application process at any time. You just have to fill in the online form that you will find on this website. It is a simple and fast process

2. Presentation meeting


If the initial request that you submit through our website is accepted by TheCircularLab management team, we will give you the option to hold an online work meeting so we can learn more about the activities and capabilities of your startup

3. Technical form


Presentation of the Technical Form with valuable information about your startup. You can also attach any documents you think would be worthwhile for the Evaluation Committee to study

4. Decision of the Evaluation Committee


The Evaluation Committee, made up of experts with extensive experience in the field of circular economy, will evaluate all the applications and make the final decision on issuing the goCircular Pass seal in each case

Get your goCircular Pass

The process to request your goCircular Pass has no cost and the public information on your startup will be available in the goCircular Pass Registry so that other entities can verify the authenticity of your seal

Who endorses the goCircular Pass


TheCircularLab is Ecoembes's open innovation center on the circular economy located in Logroño, which focuses its activity on the study, testing and development of best practices in the field of packaging and its subsequent recycling.


The non-profit organization that takes care of the environment through recycling and eco-design of packaging in Spain. Ecoembes makes it possible for plastic containers, cans and cartons (yellow container) and cardboard and paper packaging (blue container) to have a second life.

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