Proof of Concept


We accelerate startups’ experimental projects aimed at testing new systems, prototypes, Minimum Viable Products (MVP) or disruptive business models for packaging circularity.

Proof of Concept


Startups established less than 10 years ago that have the goCircular Pass seal or that are currently under the validation process.

We are talking about consolidated startups that seek to test in a real environment a new business idea, technological solutions or disruptive developments carried out within the company.

We help you go one step further.

Proof of Concept


New prototypes, Minimum Viable Products or business lines with high potential.

Framed in the field of packaging circularity.

That are between Technology Readiness Level (TRL) 6-8, that is, still in the development phase or at the beginning of their commercial validation.

Projects promoted by startups from any country, but that are tested in Spain with the support of this programme.

The selection of at least two Proof of Concept (PoC) projects is expected, although it could vary depending on the quality of the proposals evaluated by the Committee.

Proof of Concept


Specialised technical guidance from Ecoembes experts:

  • In the development and validation phase of its applicability.
  • Also in the scaling phase (without entering the capital of the startup).

Financial support to cover expenses directly related to the PoC project, to be defined according to each project and the budget presented in the application.

Visibility and business:

  • Presentation of the results of the PoC projects to the companies that are part of Ecoembes (more than 15,000 companies in the packaging sector).
  • European campaign in the media and social networks.
Proof of Concept


Closed period. New calls will be opened soon.
Proof of Concept


To do this, you just have to:

  1. Register your startup in the goCircular Radar community.
  2. Then ask for your goCircular Pass seal.

Once you have completed these two steps, you are ready to participate with your startup in Proof of Concept.

Phases of the Proof of Concept programme:
  1. Submission of the application form by the startups.
  2. Study of the applications by the Evaluation Committee established in TheCircularLab.
  3. Selection of a short list of startups that will go to the interview phase.
  4. Interviews with startups and final selection of PoC projects.
  5. Signing of agreements with startups.
  6. Implementation of pilot projects.
  7. Presentation of results:
    • Confidential only to Ecoembes technical staff and to companies that are part of Ecoembes that join this program as observers.
    • Non-confidential in the media and social networks.
Detailed startup requirements:
  1. Startups already established as a commercial entity or as a social economy company (cooperatives, labor companies or special employment centers), with a history of less than 10 years (established on a date after November 30, 2013).
  2. Startups that have been granted and activated the goCircular Pass seal or that have at least submitted the goCircular Pass application form before the closing date of the Proof of Concept program and that the mentioned form has not been rejected.
  3. Startups that are not more than 50% owned by a non-SME company (in accordance with the definition of SME established by EU Regulation No. 651/2014).
  4. Not be immersed in bankruptcy proceedings and be up to date with your legal, labor and tax obligations.
Application evaluation criteria:

The Evaluation Committee established in TheCircularLab to evaluate the applications will weigh the following evaluation criteria:

    • Degree of innovation of the proposed solutions (50%).
    • Technical and commercial viability (25%).
    • Environmental and social impact (25%).
Promoter of the initiative:

The promoter of this program is Ecoembes (Ecoembalajes de España SA), its managers being the Ecoembes Innovation Department and the innovation center TheCircularLab based in Logroño.

Confidentiality of information:

At the time of registration, startups accept the Ecoembes privacy policy regarding receipt of information about the progress of this program. In accordance with this policy, there is the right to access, modify and delete the data contained in the registration form. Ecoembes, like its suppliers, will under no circumstances make any private data public or share it with third parties.

Ecoembes may only share the information provided by the startups in their registration forms with the people from the collaborating companies that participate in the assessment and evaluation process of the startups’ projects.

Participating startups will accept that their logo, name and general description of their activity may be displayed on the Ecoembes websites, as well as that it be disseminated through communication channels and social networks.

None of the people participating in the communications within the framework of this initiative may make the conversations and messages exchanged public, nor may the information or documentation exchanged be shared with third parties or entities, being private and confidential at all times. For these purposes, “Confidential Information” will be understood as all information, in oral, written, electronic, digital and/or any other type of medium, communicated by Ecoembes, the collaborating companies or the startups, whether or not it has been qualified as reserved or confidential, within the framework of this initiative.

Acceptance of conditions:

At the time of registration, startups accept these conditions of participation, as well as the privacy and confidentiality policy of TheCircularLab-Ecoembes.